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Patient Forms

Directions for First Visit Paperwork
The following forms should be read/filled out and brought to your initial visit. If you have completed this paperwork before your visit you should show up five minutes before your scheduled time (as opposed to 30 minutes if paperwork is not done). Below are instructions for each form. Each form can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat.

Privacy Policy - This form explains our privacy policy - it basically explains that we cannot distribute your personal medical information without your permission. Please read this document so that you understand our policy but this form does not need to be brought with you to your visit.
 Signature Form - This is a one-page form stating that you have read and agree with our Privacy Policy (above form #1). This signed form must be brought with you to your initial visit.
 Personal Medical History - This is a two-page form that explains your medical history. Please fill out completely and bring it with you to your first visit.

 Patient Information - This is a two-page form that has your personal information (address, phone number etc. so that we can contact you). This form must be brought to your initial visit.
Information can also be filled out on the portal and sent to our office.

Please bring the last three forms, your insurance card, and any applicable co-pay with you on your initial visit. If you have any questions please call - all forms are available at our clinic if you have any problems.

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